Calculus II: Mathematics UN1102 (Fall 2019 Section 1)

Lecture: MW 1:10-2:25pm at Math 417
Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals (8th edition) by James Stewart (WebAssign not required), see textbook info
Course Information: syllabus and schedule
Instructor: Yi Sun (, office hours 11:10am-1:10pm Monday in Math 413
TAs: Yash Deshmukh (, office hours 3:00-6:00pm Tuesday in Milstein 502), John Lord (, office hours 4:00-6:00pm Monday in Milstein 502), and Zeina Laban (, office hours 9:00-11:00am Thursday in Milstein 502)

Overview and prerequisites

This is a second course in single-variable calculus. The course consists of three main topics:

Calculus I (Math UN1101, previously Math V1101) is a prerequisite for this course. If you have questions as to whether this course is appropriate for you, consult the departmental guide here or contact me by email.

Course Policies

Gradescope: This course will use Gradescope, an online platform for grading exams and homework. Students registered for the course on the first day of class should have received an email to sign up for Gradescope. If you are enrolled in the course and do not have an account, email me immediately. A few notes about Gradescope:

Homework: There will be weekly written homeworks due Wednesday. Homeworks are posted here. Homework should be submitted electronically via Gradescope before the start of class. To submit on Gradescope, see this Youtube video or follow the steps below:

  1. Produce a legible .pdf file containing your complete solutions to each problem. This does not mean you must type up your solutions; instead, you may scan your handwritten solutions. Some guidelines for scanning are:
    • Gradescope recommends several free mobile/tablet apps which allow you to turn photos into multi-page PDFs. I also suggest using Dropbox mobile scanning.
    • There are traditional scanners in many computer labs and campus libraries. See here for a map of scanner locations (Butler, IAB 323, ET 251).
    • Be sure to preview your scan and make sure it is legible before uploading to Gradescope.
  2. Upload the .pdf file to Gradescope by the submission deadline (1:10pm Wednesday).
  3. Select the page(s) that contain the solution to each of the assigned problems. Failure to do this step will mean that some or all of your problems will not be graded!
Email me or the TA's if you have trouble with the submission procedure.

Exams: There will be two midterm exams and a cumulative final exam according to the following schedule.

The use of notes, textbooks, or electronic devices will not be allowed during exams. No make-up exams will be offered without a letter from the dean or a doctor’s note. No make-ups are possible for the final exam.

Grading: The final course grade will be determined according to the following division:

The two lowest homework scores will be dropped to accommodate illness and other unforeseen circumstances. Late homework will not be accepted.

WebAssign: WebAssign will not be required for this course. However, if you would like additional practice problems or access to the e-book, please email me for an access key to use here.

Collaboration and Academic Integrity: I encourage you to work together on homework! For written homework, you must write your solutions alone and understand what you write. When submitting your homework, you should cite any sources you used (in print, online, or human) other than the textbook and myself. See also the Faculty Statement on Academic Integrity.

Students with disabilities: In order to receive disability-related academic accommodations, students must first be registered with Disability Services (DS). More information on the DS registration process is available here. Registered students must present an accommodation letter to the instructor before exam or other accommodations can be provided. Students who have, or think they may have, a disability are invited to contact DS for a confidential discussion.



Getting Help

Help Room: Free tutoring is available without an appointment at the Barnard help room at Milstein 502 (schedule here).

Tutoring: Columbia and Barnard offer peer tutoring. See information here.

Contact me: Please come to office hours or email me for help if you are having difficulty with the material.